34th William Bennett International Flute Summer School with Lorna McGhee 2 - 9 August 2019
This is the 34th year of this most inspired and popular residential course which will take place in the Woldingham School in Surrey which is very near the wonderful city of London UK. By Internationally acclaimed flutist William Bennett and Lorna McGhee. Instruction will be offered to player of all levels.

*Individual lessons and classes given by several assistants.
*Master class sessions will be held in the mornings and afternoons by William Bennett and Lorna McGhee.

There will be a class given by William Bennett on Marcel Moyse 24 little melodic studies which we consider to be the most important work to lay the foundations of good articulation, phrase building, and developing the use of different colours.
Flute Basics classes in every afternoon, Michie Bennett & Yi-Hsuan Chen, Jagoda Krzeminska will give a basic class to tone production, pitch control and flexibility. Vytenis Gurstis will give workshops on the sensitive fingerings.
Morning Warm Up classes every morning.
Individual lessons from the Teaching Assistants.

There will be a workshop given by Lorna McGhee on Body awareness – releasing unnecessary tension and building our trust & connection with the airstream, which is after all, the basis of all expression. Finding a natural connection to the breath gives us the ability to tap into the narrative quality of any piece of music, allowing us to ‘talk’ through our instrument.

There will be a Recital given by William Bennett, Lorna McGhee, Yi-Hsuan Chen, Jagoda Krzeminska, Anna Kondrashina

There will be a class about posture and body, which should be of great interest to flute players to improve technique and avoid future physical problems by David Katz.
There might be a Masterclass by Steven Isserlis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eyv50K7xq2I

Non competitive and very friendly atmosphare.
Telephone: +44(0)2074989807
Email: Send email
Website: www.williambennettflute.com
Organisation: William Bennett International Flute Summer School
Ages: Teenagers (13-17), Adults (18+)
Location: Surrey, South East (Map)
Accommodation: yes
Categories: Music > Instrumental Music > Woodwind > Flute
Keywords: lorna mcghee   summer school   william bennett   flute   flute summer school
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