DJ Summer School for Teenagers
Learn to DJ with Point Blank this summer!
What better way to spend a few days of your summer than learning how to DJ?

If you’ve ever dreamt of being master of the decks at your favourite festival or party, then this is where your journey begins! This course will take you from scratching your head to scratching tracks and filling dance floors all in a weekend, so get yourself down to Point Blank’s state-of-the-art studios and learn how to mix alongside a pro DJ. Read on to learn more about our Weekend DJ Course!

This course will cover all the essentials of what it takes to begin a new exciting journey as a DJ in 2023. You’ll learn how to set up your gear, how to use a set of CDJs (Compact Disk Jockey), drop mixing, switching up styles and tempos, beat matching, how to read your crowd and loads more!

You will learn:

- Introduction to DJing
- Leads & connections
- Basic mixer functions
- Tempo & BPM
- Structure: beats, bars & phrases
- Faders & pre fade controls
- Cueing tracks
- Crossfading techniques
- DJ tricks & techniques
- Formats: Vinyl, CD & MP3
- Pitch shifting & creative techniques
- Basic recording & editing

Point Blank classes are small and restricted to kids aged 13-19 to ensure you receive ample 1-2-1 time with your lecturers. Our studios are located in Shoreditch—a global hub of London music venues and bars—and include industry-standard, state-of-the-art technology, including a Pioneer DJ sponsored studio.

Available Dates:

Ages 11 - 14: 29th July to 30th July
Ages 15 - 18: 22nd July to 23rd July

Fees: £145

Visit our website to find out more about this course and how Point Blank can take your music to the next level in 2023!
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