Boarding and Activity Tutor/House Matron
Dates: 7th July – 28th July 2017 Student age range: 9 – 12

Positive and enthusiasm female to look after a small group of exceptionally talented unaccompanied musician children

Must be British national, hold a CRB, English mother tongue,
the job is : to make sure they are in bed at the right time, and get up at the right time, to take care of their clothes and music scores , make sure they wash, help them finding their way to their music classes and to organise after dinner fun activities
Please feel free to enquire informally by email.
The House Matron (HM) is responsible for the day-to-day running of the boarding house, and for the monitoring, well-being and motivation of all students.
The House Matron arrives at summer school the day before students in order to familiarise herself with the facilities and prepare for the beginning of the course. The House Matron role is a senior role (middle management) and does require hard work and commitment to the job; for the right candidate we feel the role would be extremely rewarding and that the package we offer is generous. Applicants should have experience of managing children in a residential environment; flexibility to respond to the unexpected, a sense of humour and enthusiasm are important, as is the ability to command respect from staff and students.
In addition, as a mother figure in the house, the hours of work may be anti-social if children need comforting or assisting in the night and as the senior member of staff in the house it is sometimes necessary to deal with such issues, even if you are not specifically on the rota to do so. At LMFL we look to retain the staff that we train and work with and we also try to promote from within, meaning that ideally we would like a candidate who may be able to see this position being an annual role.
We need references for character
 Experience of working in a residential setting preferably in the Independent Schools system
 Ability to work as part of a management team
 Excellent communication skills
 Ability to be flexible and adapt where required
 Excellent organisational skills
 Smart personal appearance
 Ability to work effectively under pressure and to improvise

 Previous summer school experience
 Ability to speak other languages
 Driver’s license and own car
 Medical, nursing or First aid qualifications
Full board and accommodation
Enthusiasm for music is mandatory
Telephone: 01454419504
Email: Send email
Organisation: LMFL
Location: Carmarthenshire, Wales
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