LEATSS Summer School is a collaborative, project-based, week-long, residential summer school for actors, directors and music theatre singers as well as – less regularly – writers/devisors. It is particularly suited to amateur enthusiasts (and those who may be a little hesitant) who wish to develop and improve their practical skills, knowledge, understanding and capabilities.
Our aim is to enrich, nourish and nurture. To do this we provide expert professional tuition within a friendly and fully supportive environment. All tutors have a wide and impressive track record as professional theatre practitioners and teachers and our tutor-to-participant ratio is high. With 4 tutors and 40 to 50 participants, we generally have one tutor to 10 or so participants.
The work is creative and inspiring, the pace impressive but rewarding, the atmosphere friendly and supportive. Because the emphasis is on process and not product (how can we do it, not how well do we perform), we can encompass a wide range of age, experience and skill.
The summer school can be held virtually if necessary (as it was in 2020.

This is a new venture where we offer short courses - usually over two weekends in collaboration with another European or UK location. These courses can be face-to-face or On-Line when Covid restrictions apply.
Telephone: +352621308865
Email: Send email
Website: www.leatss.lu
Organisation: LEATSS a.s.b.l.
Ages: Teenagers (13-17), Adults (18+)
Location: All Europe, Mainland Europe (Map)
Accommodation: yes and/or non-residential
Categories: Performing Arts
Performing Arts > Acting
Performing Arts > Musical Theatre
Keywords: acting   directing   playwriting   singing   theatre
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