Florence International Singing Programme 2020
FISP is an international summer school exploring Renaissance music in the fantastic city of Florence. The course is ideal for lovers of early music and is the perfect opportunity for those with an interest in this genre to explore a broad range of repertoire in a friendly and supportive environment. The inaugural FISP will focus on the English Renaissance tradition featuring composers such as Byrd, Tallis, Batten and many more.

FISP offers an intensive practical experience over five days culminating in Choral Evensong. We believe that music is performed best within its intended setting, so this provides an entirely immersive experience within the environment for which Renaissance composers wrote these pieces.

Along with optional seminars relating the music to historical and social contexts, you will have time for sightseeing and planned social activities, making lasting friendships in the process.

Our exceptional staff will ensure you can explore this exciting repertoire in fantastic detail. With several years of Cathedral and Oxbridge chapel experience behind them, they have worked with groups (either as singers, accompanists or conductors) including The Gabrieli Consort, The Armonico Consort, Cambridge & Oxford Singing School, Cambridge University Music Society, Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra, European Union Chamber Orchestra, London Sinfonietta and many more.

The Florence International Singing Programme aims to provide exceptional music teaching and a pathway into the world of Renaissance Polyphony.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
Telephone: 07752415243
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Website: www.florenceisp.com
Organisation: Florence International Singing Programme
Ages: Adults (18+)
Location: Italy, Mainland Europe
Accommodation: yes and/or non-residential
Categories: Music > Vocal Music
Music > Vocal Music > Ensemble Singing > Choral Music
Music > Early Music
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