Rose Bruford College Drama School & Summer Courses
Rose Bruford College London Launches Summer Masterclasses in Acting, Voice Directing, and More

Four Free Webinar Masterclasses
with Renown Master Teachers
June 21-24 Free Webinars

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Our summer masterclasses and workshops are delivered by internationally renowned tutors and provide an intensive summer of learning whatever your level of experience.
Begin July through August 2021

London's Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance has assembled world-renowned Master Teachers to deliver Online Summer Master-Classes and Workshops in July and August 2021.
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The College, whose alumni include Gary Oldman, Sam Palladio, Lake Bell, and Andrew Wade, will be welcoming a host of important innovators and renowned educators who have developed their own pedagogy and training techniques and Master Teachers of Russian, British and American training methods for actors, directors, teachers and performers.

This summer all MasterClasses and Workshops will be delivered online via ZOOM, with a vast variety exciting courses to choose from. To view Courses on Line:
Telephone: 917-601-2783
Email: Send email
Organisation: Rose Bruford College
Ages: Adults (18+)
Location: Kent, South East
Accommodation: yes and/or non-residential
Categories: Performing Arts
Performing Arts > Acting
Performing Arts > Theatre Studies
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