Sustainable Fashion Design, Styling and Construction (12-15yrs)
Calling all fashionistas! This hands-on course gives aspiring designers the chance to explore the world of eco-fashion design.
During this exciting and highly engaging course, your young artist will immerse themselves in the world of sustainable fashion. They'll set their imagination free, find their creative design expression, explore numerous construction methods and techniques, and experiment with a wide variety of fabrics and materials to transform their ideas into actual repurposed and wearable fashion items.

Aimed at fashionistas aged 12-15 years, this course focuses solely on sustainable eco-fashion where pre-worn clothing items and surplus materials are repurposed. This'll be explored through the process of deconstruction, problem-solving, redesign, and the renewal process to produce original, ecologically friendly, and fully functional items of stylish clothing.

During the lively week, your budding designer will examine approaches in reconstructing valuable materials, fabrics, and fashion findings, as well as explore the design process and styling methods.

Students will have the opportunity to drape fabrics on mannequins and on each other to create interesting shapes and forms, which'll then be developed using photographs and drawings. They'll gain a better understanding of how fabrics fit and flow with movement, allowing them to develop well-thought-through fashion ideas visualised through illustrations.

At the end of each day there'll be a supportive reflect and share session of each other’s work, to discuss what has been practiced. This'll enable students to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of their journey into sustainable fashion design and construction.
Telephone: 01202 363222
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Organisation: Arts University Bournemouth
Ages: Young children (up to 12), Teenagers (13-17)
Location: Dorset, South West (Map)
Accommodation: non-residential
Categories: Kids' Camps & Activities
Art & Design
Art & Design > Fashion & Textiles
Keywords: clothes making   design   eco-fashion   fashion   fashion styling   garment making   holiday club   kids art   kids club   sewing   styling   sustainability   textiles   art
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