Singing Teacher
I am a singer and a singing teacher.

I focus my lessons on the techniques ( warming up, intonation etc), interpretation and attitude on the stage.

I've been a contestant on the X factor Uk last year.

I'm an Italian singer and singing teacher, i've been working a lot in Italy as a Pop singing teacher focusing in particular on the techniques ( warming up, improvement of the intonation, vocal agilities, vocal range etc) the interpretation ( thanks to my past Psyochology studies at the university i can work on the deepest part of the soul of all my students ) and the attitude on the stage, i've learnt it during al my experiences in Italy and in Uk : i've been one of the 12 contestant of the "live shows" on the X factor Italy and i've won of the most important singing competition in Italy called "Castrocaro" , in Uk i've been one of the contestant of the Tv show "The X factor 2015" and i got through until the "Six chair challenge", all these great experiences helped me to improve my attitude on the stage but in particular let me understand what producers and authors of these tv show want.
i have a solid knowledge of the vocal apparatus since i've been following a lot of class about it so that i can work even in front of any kind of problem of my students and i can personalize vocal techniques to help them. I have a basic knowledge of piano, all the vocal exercises we do are with piano. My standard lessons are divided in two parts. We start with exercises and then we sing to find a personal musical identity which could help my student to differentiate themself from the others. I have got a great ability also with children since i've been working in many projects at schools, so that i've been closely with them and i know very well how to make interesting lessons without boring them.
I am passionate about the organization of musical events since in Italy i've created a lot of singing competition and live shows. I am a leader, i am not afraid of working hard and creating, in front of any kind of problem i fight and win.
My qualifications, skills, experiences and enthusiasm for music would make me a valuable teacher for your school.
Telephone: +39 3469687429
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Location: All UK and RoI
Date Added: 2016-05-12 11:25:12
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